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Oban Devotion - Driver Shaft

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Oban Devotion

Comes with Adapter and Golf Pride Grip - cut to 45.5" unless otherwise requested

(Please email your driver model after purchase for adapter)


The Devotion Series is OBAN’s most diverse offering with various shaft weights ranging from 43 grams to 84 grams. The design pattern remains consistent throughout the Devotion Series, while kick points and torques vary depending on the weight class.


Ultra premium, high modulus graphite equate to better feel and performance.

Structural Design

High quality graphite utilized throughout shaft construction creates firm butt, mid and tip sections and provides inherent stability throughout the shaft load sequence.


Devotion 6,7,8 – Mid Launch. Low Spin. Responsive feel. Structural integrity throughout the swing dynamics. Ideal for the player who tends to create more load in the shaft with a quicker tempo.

Devotion 4, 5 – High Launch. High Spin. This shaft favors the lower swing speed player.

Please allow 7 working days on custom ordered shafts.