Aluminium and All

Since this is going to be my first Halloween ever, I’m going to make it super special fabulous amazing! 

I wonder…did I celebrate Halloween when I was flesh? Or was I a boring so-and-so who snipped and snapped at children when they came to the door? There’s no way to tell. I feel I must’ve been fond of jigs, and that has transferred to me now, as a spooky skeleton. Only now, my jigs are unearthly in nature, tee-hee.

I asked all of my Human Class peers what they were doing for Halloween, but no one seemed to have any plans. They were all just going to go away and do the homework we were set on 4×4 aluminium canopies, and why aluminium is such a favoured metal for toolboxes and such. Maybe I daydreamed a little bit during that lesson, so enamoured was I with planning for Halloween. 

But then, I got a brainwave! Of a sort. I have no brain to produce waves, oh-ho-ho! One thing you see a lot of in Melbourne is tradespeople, tradesmen, trading women, all overalls and high-vis vests, and shiny toolboxes and such. Since this is the place in which I find myself, maybe I should dress up as a tradesperson. A spooky skeleton tradesperson.

I’d need all the gear of course. A ute, some ute toolboxes, ute under tray drawers, and a really big wrench. I’d wear some bright yellow overalls, and when people called me up to get me to come and fix their plumbing, I would show up at the door and say something witty and spooky, like “I’ve just been dying to take a look at your pipes, nya-ha-ha-ha!”

That’s the evil cackle I’ve been working on. Trust me, it’ll be a lot more convincing when I have my aluminium ute canopies and a really big wrench over my shoulder. The whole picture.

Alternatively, Blizz invited me to his family Halloween party, which also sounds like great fun. Oh, these decisions.