Wasting Time, Ironically

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’m fairly sure that the future belongs to robot monkeys. It’s a bit of a shame, but you can’t say we didn’t have a good run. Many thousands of years of true civilisation, although it would’ve been nice if people a few thousand years ago were a bit better at preserving their art and writing. Like… put it in a jar with a cork, seriously. When the robot monkeys inherit the Earth, they’re going to have a huge task on their hands assembling the complete history of the extinct human race.

In other news, I need to look into time management short courses. It’s been a serious problem for me for a very long time, mostly because when I work I get sidetracked and start thinking about fantastical future scenarios. You might have noticed. And then we HAD a time management course at work, and I miss the trip because I had the Mulgravnian Flu that day. I’m trying to catch up as best as I can by just looking up what claimed to be a time management course on Me-Straw, but good grief, it was so boring. Just some guy in his living room, using a camera from the early 1990s, with a haircut from the early 1990s, and clothes from the early 1990s (I’m starting to think it wasn’t filmed recently…) saying really basic stuff about managing your time. 

“Managing time is like looking at a clock. It goes slower if you think about it. Try writing a note on your hand, to remind yourself to not waste time. Eat lunch five minutes earlier to shake up your daily schedule. ”

Thank you, but no thank you. I saw up next in the playlist was a series of sales team training courses by the same guy. Um…yeah, no. If I need sales training courses in real life, I’ll get actual professionals to help me with that. And after all that time wasted, I’m STILL no better at managing my time, somehow…