Dog Kennel Windows

My wife and I LOVE our dog. She’s our only child and we want nothing but the best for her. We have been her parents since she was eight weeks old, and have loved her since before she was born. We took her to the best puppy school within a twenty kilometre radius. She goes on two decent-lengthed walks each day and is taken to the beach every weekend. She is well-trained but has a little bit of a cheeky flair to her personality (that we absolutely love). 

We adopted Bella two years ago and our lives have been filled with love and bliss ever since. Bella has been an inside and outside dog since we adopted her, sleeping inside at night. We now feel that she has outgrown this, and wants her own space both during the day and at night. We often accidentally wake her up, so we want her to have her own area to relax away from the distractions inside. So, as consistent with our goal to be the very best parents we can be, we want to create the absolute best dog house known to man. Or…dog.

This dog house will have everything. It’ll be large enough that she can move around freely inside the space, with a dog bed on one side and floorboards on the other. It will be raised off the ground and be accessible via a railed ramp. It will have a little veranda that surrounds the house, so that she can walk around it and look more closely at things she finds interesting in the trees. The actual house will have multiple windows, so we are currently sourcing a window frame replacement Melbourne service for that. I will be building the actual house, as I am a qualified builder, however I would feel more comfortable with someone else working on the final touches. In a dream world I’d get a sliding door installation too, because how cool would that be if the door could slide open for her, however seeing as she can’t push the door open herself, it probably won’t work.

I’ll upload photos of the project within the next month. We can’t wait to see Bella’s face!