Fairy Tale Grandma

As a grandma, it’s important to me to keep my home warmly welcoming for the kiddos. I’m their favourite, you know, and I plan on keeping it that way – even if it means sneaking them those little packets of chips I’m not supposed to give them anymore. They’re such small packets; surely giving them too the kids can’t do too much damage.

Right now, I’m working on making the front garden more appeal for them. The backyard is pretty sorted, between the club house and the swing set. The front yard, though, is due for some work. It needs to balance neighbourly neatness with kid-friendly appeal. My goal is that, when the little ones come over, they’ll see my house as an enchanted fairy tale cottage. And they’ll see me as the kindly child with a twinkle in her eye, who’ll listen to their stories about netball and give them chips. 

With this in mind, I’m starting by adding some colour, with an eye to having blooms through spring into summer. My first addition is Allium giganteum, also known as giant onion. See? Even the name makes you feel like you’re in Jack and the Beanstalk or something. Speaking of which, some broad beans would team nicely with that theme, and the kids could eat them off the plant as well. That’d keep mum happy.

Next up is the late spring bulbs. I’m thinking flamboyant parrot tulips, or anything with vibrant colours and ruffles aplenty. Maybe I could even get some kind of giant parrot statue to go next to them. That’s the kind of thing they like, you know – it all adds to the magic and the fun. A giant parrot watching of the patch of parrot tulips? Priceless.

What does their other grandma have? Just the landscaped pool, and what’s that to my fairy tale cottage experience? Besides, she’s mean to them, so they don’t like her as much. She doesn’t give them chippies.