Marquees, Down to Me

I can’t believe that NO ONE ever thought of this. That’s crazy. You guys are crazy. The Expo takes place in the summer, so it makes perfect sense for there to be an outdoor event. Golf is outdoors. Come on!

I think we need to make this a regular thing for the whole time the Expo is running. Like, we’ll have a single marquee outside, and it’ll be the morning and afternoon tea marquee, mm-hmm. Cake and coffee for days. We just need a really reliable marquee hire company available in Melbourne…and guess who’s gonna be looking that one up? Oh yeah, it’s gonna be MAY.

I don’t trust Kaylene, even though she’s supposed to be head of refreshments. She seriously ordered a fifty packets of digestives last month, without telling anyone, with plans to serve them for morning tea. Uh, yeah, Kaylene. Everyone at our prestigious Expo is gonna have a great time chewing on discs of sawdust. Girl, biscuits have chocolate on them or they ain’t biscuits, so far as I’m concerned. 

If we got Kaylene to find us a marquee, she’d probably string together a few sheets on some poles and call it a day, because ‘budget’. Thing is, I don’t trust Lorlene to get it done either, even though she gave herself the title of ‘Comfort Executive’ on the official record (benefits of being the one who writes the official record…). I guess she could find some marquee company, but Lorlene has no idea of style. She’s obsessed with pairing mustard yellow with fandango pink, and girl, that is not gonna fly for our guests while they chew their discs of sawdust.

So I guess it’s down to me…shocking as that may sound. No, sure, it’s fine! No problems! I’ll use my extensive connections, like when I got married and I found my own wedding marquee hire. Melbourne was new to me then, but…well, sometimes you just gotta do things yourself.