Hardware Store Frequenter

When it comes to relationships, I’m really weird. I have a tendency to adopt the hobbies and personality of whoever I’m dating, rather than remaining my own person. My last boyfriend, who is a really great guy despite it not working out, was really interested in building things and learning to use every type of power tool in existence. As a result, I too was really into building things and learning to use every type of power tool in existence. I found myself frequenting the local hardware store near Bayside every day. Prior to dating Jack I had never even held a screwdriver, let alone been into a hardware store.

I guess from a psychological perspective (I’m getting a bit off track here but oh well), it could be both good and bad that I adopt the hobbies of my partner. Good, because it means I try things out of my comfort zone and get to learn more about myself, and bad, because I shouldn’t be so easily influenced by the people around me. Oh well, I guess. 

From dating Jack I realised that I actually really like the freedom that comes with being handy with tools and hardware. I am able to fend for myself a lot more than I could before dating him, and can fix quite a few things around my house with ease. I am pretty impressed with myself because of it. Last week I decided to build myself a bookcase, and so I went to the hardware store that I have been to countless times before, and bought building supplies. Cheltenham hardware stores are massive, and if I hadn’t dated Jack, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate them at all. So I’m thankful for having dated him.

Over the weekend I built the bookcase and I’m really proud of it. I’m going to fill it with books and find my own hobby! Here’s to finding myself outside of my relationships!