Break Down

Breakfast used to be my favourite time of the day. Gradually entering the waking world at a leisurely pace, handling a variety of foodstuffs that are delicious without being too overwhelming to the senses… it really doesn’t get any better. At least, that was the case until I started this new job two weeks ago. Now that I’m getting up at 5am to leave the house by 5:15, clocking on at 6am on the dot, leisurely breakfasts are fast becoming a thing of the past.

What to do about this? I can’t have a sit-down breakfast at home, and my role at the airport doesn’t permit me to eat on the job, but I still need to eat breakfast or else I’m ravenous by 8am. That’d be the ideal time to break for a quick bite, but unfortunately for me, that’s not really how things work in my line of work. You have ‘on’ pretty much continuously, except at strictly designated break times, and even those aren’t always a given – if there’s an incident, there’s an incident, and my personal nutrition is not the top priority at such times.

That’s why I need to figure out how to make it a priority in my own time. If I don’t, nobody else is going to – that much is clear. So, first order of business: figure out how to make breakfast happen. My usual preference is for a high protein meal. Home delivery could be an option – like, one of those companies that sends out premade keto-type food that’s basically read to eat, so you don’t have to do any prep.

My main concern is that that type of meal won’t cut the mustard for me. If I was aiming for weight loss, prepared meals might be the answer, but that’s really not the position I’m in. I guess I could add extras, like nuts and full-fat yogurt and extra protein powder, but then I’d still find myself doing food prep, which is precisely the thing I don’t have time for. Back to the drawing board… but, sadly, not the bread board.