New Laundry Facilities

I live in a one bedroom apartment, that is literally my bedroom with a connecting ensuite and a living room/kitchen. The rooms in most people’s houses are bigger than my entire apartment, but I make it work. What really bothers me is the apartment’s lack of personal laundry facilities. I’ve been using a communal laundry for the past year, and I really don’t appreciate it when random people in my apartment block throw their dirty washing in with mine after I’ve gone back to my room. It’s just uncomfortable when I pull out someone else’s boxers with my own. Seriously, why would anyone do that?

For the last three months, I’ve been researching and saving up for bathroom laundry renovations. Melbourne bathroom designers are able to turn small bathrooms into a combination of a bathroom and a laundry room, which is perfect because I don’t need heaps of space in my bathroom anyway. Being a guy, the only parts of the bathroom that are necessary are the toilet, shower and vanity. I can get by without a mirror and storage space. I’ll just put my shaving cream and hair gel in the chest of drawers in my bedroom. Problem solved. 

From what I understand about the project, I’m going to need an entire bathroom refurbishment. This sounds like a big project, but when your bathroom is the size of a small walk-in wardrobe, it surely can’t be that expensive. After speaking to the designers, I’ve been given a timeline of the project and it’s official, in a couple of weeks I will no longer have random people throw their delicates in with mine. My washing will be free of weird items of clothing and I will be able to wash in peace. I’ll literally never live anywhere that doesn’t have it’s own laundry area, ever again. It’s the little things like this that make such a difference to the way you live.