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I’ve been doing stand up comedy for the last two years and have been compiling footage from most of my sets. Who knew how hard it was to actually get good footage! Sometimes your jokes might not land, or they land and the audience is empty, or you have an audience that only smiles. There’s just so many variables attimes. Finally, I think I have enough footage that I can compile to create a really nice showcase video. 

The good thing about performing stand up comedy is that the actual setting up to film is super easy. Most of the time I use only one camera on a tripod, but I have at times had a crew member set up cameras so I can get footage from multiple angles. 

I’d like to hire post production services to help edit my footage together. While I’ve created a great rough cut of the bits I’d like to be included in the video, there’s a few technical things that I can’t quite master. For example, the colour on the video looks so off. As the clips have all been compiled from different venues with different lighting, it can become a bit distracting as the clips cut between locations. A professional colour grader will help me be able to reduce this differentiation, and keep things more consistent. Sound is the other issue. At the moment the sound feels like it is all over the place. There are different microphone levels, ambient noise, and mic positions. This is why I need a top rated video production company. Melbourne has a lot of comedians, so things can get very competitive. I want to make sure my showcase video blows everyone else out of the water. No one will watch, or respect, my showcase video if it’s poor to look at and hard to listen to!

I plan to release the video online, and scatter snippets on my social media. Who would’ve thought that I’d start comedy to tell jokes, but end up a marketing whiz!