To ‘Woomba We Go

Meghan is really hung up on this Toowoomba house, so much so that I’ve capitulated and cleared my schedule for tomorrow so we can go and look at it. I’m not yet convinced, mostly because it’s nearly two hours’s drive out of Brisbane, although I will admit that she has a point – it’s significantly cheaper than buying here, and we both work remotely so it won’t really change anything with respect to that. 

Still, it seems like a big change to be making, and an under-researched one at that. Do I want to live in Toowoomba for the foreseeable future? I have no idea, because I’ve hardly spent any time there. Truth be told, I’ve only just gotten used to living in Brisbane, Sydney being my home town of 30 years. Toowoomba, I can imagine, will be yet another lifestyle adjustment. 

I wonder how that neck of the wood goes for things like, say, sourcing bulk organic dry goods, or booking into Pilates gyms, or even run-of-the-mill stuff like finding reliable mechanics. Around Toowoomba, these things might be harder to come by… who knows, though? It might be easier than in Brisbane. Like, there might be less competition for stuff and therefore less variety, but it could also mean lower prices and smaller crowds. 

Figuring out a decent 4×4 mechanic would be a good start. That way, I can be assured that I’ll always be able to take off to Brisbane at a moment’s notice. It helps that I own a 4×4 ute, which will make hopping back and forth pretty easy, especially during the moving process.

Listen to me – I’m talking as though we’re already doing this. I haven’t even seen the place yet, and I was just saying a minute ago that I wasn’t convinced about this whole Toowoomba thing. Am I warming to the idea already? Maybe Meghan’s onto something. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.