4WD Wheel Repair

I’m pretty into off-road, 4WD type driving. My dad was really into it, and he passed his love for it down to me, his daughter. I love the crazy rush I feel when my car falls a metre down a sand dune, and the only way for me to discover what’s on the other side of it is to complete the fall. My dad taught me how to drive off-road safely, and so I have never hurt myself or done any serious damage to my car. I have however, done some minor damage.

Last week I was off-road driving on the South Australian coast and I put a big dent in the side of my car, where my wheel is. I kept going with my off-road driving because I would’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere, but when I got back to the city, it was pretty obvious that I was in dire need of a wheel repair service. Adelaide was a bit out of my way, but I really didn’t have a choice. I love my car and I can’t drive it if it isn’t safe to do so – my dad taught me that.  

So I got my 4WD towed all the way to the city of Adelaide the next day. I love a good adventure, so I didn’t feel too put out by the whole ideal. It certainly wasn’t the best case scenario seeing as the best case was driving along the beach for twelve hours a day, but I still got to see parts of Adelaide that I wouldn’t have otherwise. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is what my dad always said to me, and that’s something that I live by.

I was impressed with the car mechanic when I met him. He knew his way around a 4WD and was able to fix my wheel pretty quickly, which I seriously appreciated. I wanted to get back on my holiday as quickly as possible, and thanks to him I was able to do so. Overall, it was a good outcome.