Car Suspension Service

So I’ve had my grandad’s car for eight months now and it’s been really smooth sailing. I’ve only needed to get it serviced once to keep up with the log book service guidelines, which is seriously awesome. In any other circumstance, for the amount I paid for the car, I would’ve had to have purchased a dodgy piece of metal that someone just wanted to get rid of. Every other week I’d have to get some sort of mechanical auto repairs. Moorabbin has a lot of used vehicles for sale, and seriously thank goodness I didn’t have to buy one. My grandad really set me up for success the day he stopped driving. Thanks grandad. 

But yeah, eight months since buying the car from my grandad and I finally have to get it serviced for something other than appeasing my log book. Lately I’ve noticed that it’s been a bit harder to steer than it used to be. While I don’t think it’s that much of a concern, I promised my grandad I’d maintain the car to the same standards as he would have. My grandad respects and cares for everything in his life, and therefore I’m going to respect and care for his car. That’s why I have made an appointment with the car suspension specialists at my local mechanic.

The appointment is in a couple of weeks because I doubt that it’s anything urgent. It’s not like I’m pressing the brakes and they’re not responding. If that was the case, I’d be at the mechanic within an hour. Thankfully, I can deal with a slightly stiffer steering wheel for a couple of weeks. I’m standing by my word and looking after the car just like my grandad would have, but I’m not in too much of a rush to do so. I am a student after all… I have to keep my money in my savings account for as long as possible.