Car Brake Obstruction

Everyday, without fail, I drive my dog to the park and we walk for an hour. Our walks are a combination of playing with the ball, playing with other dogs and walking aimlessly just for the fun of it. We do this every morning before I go to work and it’s a great way for us to spend time together.

Our routine has never caused a problem, and has always gone down without a hitch… until today. Today she dropped her ball and it rolled under the car brakes. I couldn’t dislodge it and so we obviously couldn’t go anywhere, which made her really sad. The only thing she knew was that she had lost her ball and because of that she couldn’t have fun. It broke my heart. 

I had to go to work without our morning walk and it actually really negatively impacted my day. I felt lethargic, as if I hadn’t been woken up properly. I guess that makes sense seeing as it’s the fresh and exercise that gets me going in the morning. I decided that I definitely didn’t want to miss out on our walk again tomorrow, so on my lunch break I called the a mechanic near Underwood, which is the next suburb over from where I live. The mechanics there have actually been pretty flexible during the handful of times I’ve needed to use one, which I really appreciate. I was lucky that he was able to come to my house after work and dislodge the ball from underneath my car brakes. He made it look easy but it certainly wasn’t when I tried to do it this morning.

I’m in bed now and I’m looking forward to our walk tomorrow. We’re going to go earlier to make up for the time lost today. I also won’t let her have her ball until we get to the park. Consider my lesson learned.