Chocolate Automotive Victory!

Special thanks to the Cajun folks for giving us the knowledge to soak our poultry in delicious spices, enhancing the flavour and creating an experience that went unmatched for hundreds of years.

At least…until I discovered that you can get English Breakfast Tea-flavoured Kit-Kats, and now my whole life has been turned upside down. In a good way. Now, thanks to those Kit-Kats, everything just feels good. It’s like in the ads when someone has a problem and they just have an *insert product here* and everything is fine.

This morning my engine blew up on my way to work. I was late. My car was totalled. People behind me were beeping and getting angry. My local Ringwood mechanic just got an award so that’s quite exciting. The old one I went to shut down because the man running it was about 102 years old. Everyone knows Ringwood is the mechanic capital so that would have been super annoying.

But none of it mattered. I stressed for a few seconds, and then remembered that I needn’t have bothered. I had the holy union of milk chocolate, crunchy wafer and a strong, refreshing cup of British tea in my glove-box. I pulled it out, took my first bite, and I totally relaxed. No traffic, no worrying about which car servicing professionals were in my area of Ringwood, our outside…although I may have relaxed a little too much. My fellow drivers organised a small mob and started banging on my windows after they found me lying back in my seat, eyes closed, savouring my chocolate treat. It just had to happen in a narrow road.

But you know, it really didn’t matter in the end. The tow-truck came eventually, I’ve managed to find a really good car servicing professional in Mitcham, so near me, and now I keep a tea-infused Kit-Kat in my pocket at all times. Calms me right down, let me tell you. Just like a warm bath, except delicious, and doesn’t leave you with wrinkly skin.