Endless Optimist

Today I bought my first home. It’s a great feeling, signing the documents that officially make you a homeowner. I feel more in control of my life now, more like an adult. In this economy, it’s pretty difficult to buy a house, but after years of hard work my partner and I could finally afford it. I can’t wait to raise our future family here.

I used to imagine that the actual process of buying a house was extremely difficult. In reality, it was a total breeze, since we used the right people. We hired a buyer’s advocate to help us find the perfect property, then got conveyancing, and settlement was simple with their help. Provided you’re willing to ask for assistance, finding your dream home is easy.

Now, it might be a little bit cramped, but I prefer to think of it as cosy. And yes, the walls are falling apart, but an optimist like myself sees it as rustic. It really is a beautiful home, when you ignore the bloodstains strewn across the fireplace and the axe marks in the wood. We’re living in a part of history!

My partner doesn’t see it that way. He claims that this “terrible decision” is making our relationship fall apart like the house we just bought. But he’s not looking at it like I am. I see this as an opportunity for growth! Things really wouldn’t be so bad if he was an endless optimist like me.

If he didn’t like our new house, then he shouldn’t have come with me to the conveyancing firm near Carnegie, even if I did trick him into coming. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told him that it was a secret cheese lover’s club, but I knew he wouldn’t come otherwise. But seriously, it takes some real optimism to believe there even is a secret cheese lover’s club. Why can’t he just use that optimism for our new house?

I think it’s fine. I’m not too worried about him. He’ll come around sooner or later.