House of Glass

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a glass house? There are obviously a lot of flaws with the idea, but I think it has potential. The main issue, at least that I can think of, is that people can see through your walls and watch you all the time. You couldn’t so much as sneeze without somebody seeing it. But if you built your glass house in the hills or the outback, nobody would be around to snoop. Of course, that would make it harder to get glass replacement. Melbourne would be pretty far away, and I imagine that’s where most of the glazier businesses are located in Victoria.

Another issue is the fact that glass isn’t quite as strong as common building materials. If a tree fell on your house, it would probably shatter. And then there are all the wires you’d still need to have any electricity. Those, along with all the pipes for plumbing, would be clearly visible through the glass walls. I guess it wouldn’t look quite as good as I imagine. I got the idea from playing Mining Game, where you can build all sorts of things across the world. Not only did that make it seem easy, but it looked great as well. Better than it would in real life, I imagine. I probably couldn’t do it in reality. Maybe I’ll just have to settle with getting some glass balustrades near Melbourne for my place.

Still, it would have been pretty cool. I love the idea of watching the rain come down and hit the roof, right above me. The stars over my eyes when I lie down to sleep at night. I’d love to be surrounded by invisible walls, enjoying nature all around me. It would be so tranquil, don’t you think? No sounds except for those that come naturally with nature, living like we used to before the invention of houses. If I could make anything possible, it would be that.