Essential Car Repairs

As a single father of four, I don’t get to leave the house very often. I work from home so that I can look after the children, I do all my shopping online and I don’t have time for any hobbies. The only time I ever really leave the house is if I have a sick child or if I need to visit the auto mechanic. I know it may sound ironic that the only time I really drive my car is to get it checked out and repaired, but I need my car to work in case something happens to one of the kids and I need to go somewhere urgently. Keeping my car in working order is all part of being a good father. 

I actually quite like going to the mechanic, because it gives me an afternoon off. I hire a babysitter and don’t return until everything has been serviced and repaired. I love being a dad, but I sometimes just need some time for myself. I secretly really enjoy when my car needs a bit of work, because it means I can just go to a park, sit and wait. 

The last time I went to the mechanic, he did a car air conditioning unit regas. Adelaide is a very hot city during the summer, so I’m glad we got the air conditioning fixed before summer hit. Once again, you’re probably thinking it isn’t a big deal whether or not the air conditioning works in my car seeing as I rarely use it, but keeping every part of my car maintained is important for the wellbeing of my children. I am dedicated to being a good dad and a role model for my kids, and that means I’ll do anything I can to make their lives better.

It’s doing the little things like making sure my car works, alongside the big things, that makes me feel like a truly good father.