High End Car Service

Back in the day they used to say they needed ‘a horse fit for a king’, which today can be translated into ‘a car fit for a legend’. In this scenario, and every scenario for that matter, I’m the legend. I’m a likeable guy and my parents have money, which means I most definitely have a car fit for a legend. My mates love me and love going for rides in my beauty of a car, which further elevates my legend status. 

Because my car is so expensive and high end, I make sure to only ever get it serviced in Brighton. Car service places there tend to be similarly high end. It just makes sense to get the highest quality service for the highest quality car around. I know the average person gets their car serviced maybe once a year, but I get mine serviced quarterly. My parents can afford it and they understand the importance of looking after belongings, and so my car always gets the best care.

Because my car gets serviced so often, I rarely ever require car repairs. Within Brighton, the mechanics are top class, and so they pick up any potential problems whenever they arise. However, one time between services the boys and I got into a bit of a bang up with another car. My car came off second best and needed significant repairs, which I got right away. 

Being such a loyal customer, the mechanic bumped me up to the very top of the list and my car was repaired within the week. I borrowed my mother’s slightly less impressive BMW for the week, and was very relieved when I got back into my beauty the week later. 

If it’s not obvious, I very much love my car. It is a part of my identity and helps solidify my legend status amongst my mates (and people that aren’t lucky enough to be my mates).