Indistinguishable Technology

This realm and it’s strange technological magic! They have the gall to say that their inventions are non-magical, but then expect me to believe that I am able to view a bewitched moving picture on my electrical portable telephonic device, and this is accomplished via alchemic arithmetic lines drawn inside (‘circuitry’) and a vast behemoth with metal wings that they sent into space that now breathes down signals of…some kind.

It’s just as the great mystic sage said back in the days of yore: “Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.”

And now…cars. Something I see a lot, since I have chosen to make my abode in suburbs. Mechanics near Ringwood command great respect, which I think means I’ve chosen the right place to live. Originally, when I was booted through the portal for the crime of crafting a magical obsidian sword for the king which shattered the first time he tried to use it (I’m sorry, but even magical obsidian is terrible sword material), I chose this place because of the name. Ringwood…it has an earthy sound to it, like a town from my realm. Ringwood, sitting on the Jilin River, thirty miles from the filth-ridden commerce centre of Rumps-bottom.

But as it turns out, this is a place of car mechanics, brake pad repair, log book servicing…and the repairing of brake pads! All things that cars have and horses do not. However, if horses were sufficiently enchanted, I’m sure that one day, they too could receive brake pad repairs. There would be a royal inquiry into roadworthy certificates, for magic horses. You could go to a blacksmith, have some horseshoes fitted, and at the same time get a log book service done.

The people of this realm have simply taken horses, applied a great deal of complex magic, and now they’re calling them ‘automobiles’. 

Silliness! The automotive services open in Ringwood are simply great mystic craftsmen, even if they don’t know it. And great they truly are. I own a car now…and the air conditioning is far greater than any horseback I’ve ever seen.

-WB Juniper