On The Level

What’s Angelo’s deal? The guy is obsessed with ‘levels’. He doesn’t seem to have cottoned to the fact that nobody knows or cares what he’s on about, and is ploughing forward in his quest to push through his vision. As far as enthusiasm for office layouts goes, he really takes the cake, and I expect he’ll get what he wants as a result. I’m pretty sure that’s fine with almost everyone, except maybe Kimberly. I just wish he’d stop trying to get me on the case with him.

Look, he’s a fine person and all, but I’m just not the type to get up on a soapbox – least not about something I neither understand nor care about. I’m not even sure why he’s coming after me. I mean, sure, I’m the top dog, but that should mean I don’t have to deal with trivial concerns like office fitouts. Melbourne has plenty of qualified people to consult with on that matter, so why bring it to me? If anyone’s likely to be interested, it’s Kimberly; although from what I understand she’s been opposed to Angelo’s levels since day one. 

I think they both expect me to be some kind of umpire to their debate. Do I look like a workspace layout guru? I’m a numbers guy. They need to talk to one of the many office design specialists Melbourne has to offer. All I’m likely to bring to the proceedings is complications, because truth be told, I do like the idea of levels. I’d rather not voice that preference, though, because I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea. And if I say I’m keen on it, it’s probably going to be implemented, unless Kimberly has an extremely compelling counter argument.

Heck, maybe I do want to be the umpire after all. Again, though, just because I like the idea of something doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. I’ve been in business long enough to have learned that lesson through and through. You can’t always have what you want, you know.