Drain Curry??


We’ve never been hugely into Indian food in my family. I suppose could say we’re insular, in that our idea of eating out is parma and chips, and our idea of eating foreign food is Pavlova. My Dad is from New Zealand and he staunchly maintains that they invented it, and it should be treated as foreign food.

So when an entire episode of Week Of Our Lives revolves around the grand opening of Rahul’s new Indian restaurant, I feel like I can’t relate as much as I’d like. Turns out that someone tried to sabotage the pipes, and they had to call in a drain repair expert near Melbourne after they realised that they had none in the town. Old Norman had done all of the sewer and drainage work in the town for sixty years, but now that he’d finally retired to go and live in Hokkaido with his internet girlfriend, someone had taken their opportunity to stuff up Rahul’s pipes with much lower-quality Indian food in some sort of act of protest.

A rival from a neighbouring town? A horrible act of discrimination? Lucky they came along with high-pressure jet drain cleaners, otherwise the opening night of Lotus Temple Curry House would have been a total disaster. Instead, Rahul managed to pass off the hosing down of the pipes as an interesting floor show, and the packed restaurant was set at ease. At least until someone filled the sewer beneath the restaurant with coconut rice, and the sewer experts had to be called back, basically turning around on the freeway before the entire sewer exploded through the floor, showing Rahul’s patrons in refuse. 

All-in-all, a fine and glowing endorsement of the real-life drain camera inspections. Melbourne professionals probably don’t have to deal with coconut rice blockages that often, but that’s what makes the writing so fresh and unpredictable.