Seeing the Truth

In order to stop the evil Watchers from completely taking over the world, I would first need to understand my enemy. Thus, I arranged a meeting with the new Mayor of Bayside, Charles Watcher, pretending to be writing a report for school. He happily agreed and told me to come to the main building of the Bayside City Council at 7 pm that night. The human secretary told me that Mr Watcher was waiting on the roof and that the elevator would take me right up there. After a short trip up, I stepped into the cold night on the roof, finding Charles Watcher overlooking the street.

“Welcome. Samson, correct?” he said. “I like your glasses.”

“I’m sorry, but they aren’t for sale,” I replied. “I only got them recently, from a professional Bayside eye doctor. For a long time, I argued that I didn’t need glasses, because I thought they were just for adults. Now, I can see that I was wrong.”

“You remind me of myself from just a few weeks ago, Samson. I was also in denial that I needed glasses. Unfortunately, I have learned that many Watchers struggle with their eyesight, but we are quite stubborn when it comes to such matters since we have so many eyes. The truth is that we don’t usually look out of our eye stalks. Those are for shooting lasers.”

That sounded pretty cool—it was just like what they did in Goblins and Grottos. Maybe the Watchers weren’t necessarily evil. What if we could live in peace? “They should all go and get an eye test for glasses. In the Bentleigh area, I’m sure you could find an eye doctor that would help.”

“Ah, but that is the problem, Samson. There are no eye doctors here that know how to help Watchers. There are no glasses suited for our large central eye, nor our small eyestalks. Contacts are problematic as well since we have no hands to put them into our eyes with.”

An idea came to me as he spoke. What if I helped them come up with a solution? I didn’t really want Watchers taking over the world, but at least if they saw me as an ally, I would be safe in the new world. So, I guess my plans have changed. Sorry to everyone else if you get caught as a servant for our new overlords.

– Samson