Drove Over Nails

My favourite thing in the world is that drive home from work on a Friday afternoon. My workplace has this rule that we’re not allowed to work past 4 pm on a Friday as a reward for all our hard work during the week, which is just awesome. It means that we not only get to work less, but we also get to beat the crazy evening traffic and get home ready to start our weekend by 5 pm. It’s a great incentive and is the type of thing that would keep me around for a long time. 

Something unfortunate happened on my drive home today though. Some dumb person had put nails face up on the road ready for an unsuspecting car to drive over the top of. Unfortunately, I was that unsuspecting car. It was pretty devastating actually. Instead of getting home at a reasonable time like I love doing on a Friday night, I had to make a detour to the expert mechanic close to Raceview, which was the suburb nearest to me.

Luckily the mechanic had a vacancy, or I would have been even sadder. I just wanted to get home so that I could get ready to go to the pub with my mates. The whole time the mechanic was fixing my car, I was trying not to bounce out of my seat. I was trying not to make it obvious that I was so impatient because it wasn’t the mechanic’s fault that it was such a difficult task. It’s the selfish person that decided to ruin someone’s Friday night that was at fault. 

After the mechanic fixed my tyres, I asked him if he could issue me with a valid car safety certificate. Raceview authorities require that you have one on you when driving, and I was pretty sure that mine was invalid. I figured if I was going to waste my Friday night, I may as well make it worth it.