Trade Scheduling Rocks

Today didn’t go to plan. Even with six extra people on-site with me trying to get this job done, we’re still not close enough to hitting our deadline. We should be way ahead of the point that we’re at now, and I’m really concerned that it’s my neck on the line if things don’t get signed off before the 25th. At least I even had the bosses on-site today trying to help me get the job done. They definitely can’t deny how big the project is anymore, which is going to help me in the long run. It’s good that I told them early because if I had waited until the day before to tell them that the job wasn’t going to get done, then I’d get in serious trouble. It’s the type of thing that would make me lose my job, but because I gave them plenty of notice, I’m hopefully in the clear. 

That doesn’t mean I’m not stressed though. I just checked the trade scheduling software that our company uses and I’ve been scheduled to work on Saturday. Look, I’m not surprised because of how far behind we are, but I am pretty annoyed. I wanted to watch the cricket this weekend with all my mates. I guess I just have to push through until the Christmas break in a week and then I can watch as much cricket as I like. I hope. Imagine if this job had to continue through the holidays – that would be a disaster. 

We’re so busy that we’ve even had to use our job management software for electrical contractors around Melbourne. What does that mean, you’re wondering? It means that my bosses have had to hire extra contractors on a casual basis to come in and help us with the job. Luckily the job management system can coordinate all the contractors too, or it would be really hard to make sure everyone was doing what they needed to do, where they needed to do it.