Scary Car Breakdown

My life has always been like a movie. From the invisible girl in high school who somehow managed to get the attention of the most popular guy in school, to the girl stranded on the side of the road in the middle of the night because her car broke down. My life truly is a story of extreme highs and lows, and I have no doubt that one day they’ll make a movie out of me.

So the story of how I found myself stranded in Moorabbin in the middle of the night. I was driving home from my boyfriend’s house when my car started sputtering and then came to a complete stop right in the middle of the highway. Obviously I panicked and turned my hazards on, and I just sat in the car in the left lane in shock. I needed to talk to someone about mechanical repairs within Moorabbin, but we were well into the night and I didn’t know what to do. 

I finally got a hold of my boyfriend and he told me who to call and what to tell them. He said he was hot on my tail, but he lives almost two hours from me and would take a while to get where I was. Thankfully, the mechanic I called worked round-the-clock and finally got to me when I was a blubbering, crying mess. I was so scared being alone so late at night that I jumped when he tapped on the window. He said I urgently needed brake repairs. Close to Moorabbin shops though we were, it was the middle of the night and kind of scary, and so I begged him to do whatever he could so that I could get home as fast as possible.

When I was sitting alone in my car before he arrived, I was remembering every scary movie I’ve ever seen with a girl stranded alone in her car. I was genuinely worried that my life was going to turn into another movie, but this time not the type of movie that I wanted.