Returning To Mornington

I have lived in an inner-city apartment for the last forty years of my life. Originally a young boy from the Peninsula, I moved to the city of Melbourne at the ripe age of eighteen to go to university. There were more opportunities for me in the city and my chosen career path required me to face the hustle and bustle of tens of thousands of people every day.

Whilst I haven’t hated the last forty years, I definitely don’t look back on them as fondly as I do my childhood on the beach. Catching waves with friends; lying on the beach until our skin burned; playing outside every night until the street lights came on – it was a different (and better) style of living.

I’ve been reminiscing on these years now that I’m at retirement age and my nostalgia for my old home has made me want to move back to Mornington. I’ve even started contacting a number of building companies on the Mornington Peninsula to understand their capacity and costs. I’m fortunate enough to have been left my old family home when my parents passed away and so I can build a new home there whenever I choose to do so. I’ve chosen to do so sooner rather than later, and now it is up to the capacity of the local builders in my area to get the job done.

As a part of my initial discussions with the luxury custom home builders, I let them know that I am very reasonable about the whole process. I obviously expect a high level of quality but I also understand that a certain level of annual home maintenance will be required from me each year to maintain the quality of the house. As I’ll be in my retirement, looking after my home will be my main chore and sense of entertainment, so that’s no worries. I’m looking forward to living out the rest of my life in the place that I love so much.