Real Piece of Wok

I could kill Vanessa! I’ve told her time and time again not to scrub my cast iron wok, and yet she’s done it again – and with that terrible cheap dishwashing liquid of hers. I’m so furious, I’ve got half a mind to call a house meeting, but I know it’ll just blow back in …

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My Big Break

My goodness, an invitation to appear on the television! And because of the state of my kitchen! This is terribly unexpected for all sorts of reasons, although our family’s uniqueness has perhaps played a large part in us getting noticed. We are, after all, the only people in Melbourne to own a castle-mansion of any …

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All Kitchens, See?

I tell you, the more I miss the chance to interview that vigilante, the more I want to get it done. Scoop McGee doesn’t quit, see? This is just making me even hungrier for that next big scoop.  Right now, I gotta pay the bills somehow, so I’ve got myself a job as a staff …

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